a small white sugar packet slowly crawled it's way between his thick dark fingers. How many times had he sat in a late night cafe, fiddling with sugar or condiments? Doesn't matter, he thought. Tonight was the last one. "I'm sorry Jamie, I'm sorry." He glared at the packet as he spoke, refusing to turn his focus from it. His eyes were soft, distant, as though he wasn't there at all. The only auditory response was that of the coffe maker behind the kitchen counter as it gurgled out the last pot of the night. He didn't look up. He didn't need to. No one was sitting across from him. 
He glanced aournd the room awkwardly. Bad form. He was such a wreck tonight that he hadn't even cased the joint. Not that he felt he was in any danger, just that such a thing was instinct by now, but apparently he could still forgetl. "Not the kinda thing that'll keep me a live long, I know" His glance returned to the sugar packet. "But that's ok, I only need to  make it one more". He sat there for a moment, staring through everything, lost in thought. He then stood up and made his way to the door. When he reached the register he stopped. "alice"
"yeah hon" An older woman stepped out from a side room to stand behind the register. She was a small woman, in her mid 50's. She held herself in a way that seemed to exude confidence, but there was also a maternal aura about her. Seeming more like an overbearing mother more than a diner owner. "Do me a favor?"
"Now Jet, you know I don't get involved in stuff of that sort."
"It's got nothing to do with that, you know me better"
She stood there staring at him, she seemed a bit anxious. 
"Well what then, get it out"
He smiled "I want you to have a present, you've been waiting on me hand and foot all these years, and all I ever do is give you a lousy tip, havent even given you any grand children" he slipped in a wink.
"garndchildren, I'm chock full of them, I'll take a better tip" she said with a sarcastic smile. 
"anyway, I'm not good wih this stuff,  you know, so just take this and go get it sometime, just don't mention it, it's no big thing." as he finished the statement he slid a samll key across the counter. It had a small circular megtal tag on it that read 17756.
"a saftey deposit box?"
"union bank, south street & post, sorry, guess that's how I'm used to doing things, must seem strange to you. Anyways I've got a lot to do in the morning.  You have a good one"
before she could comment he was on his way. She looked down at the key for a moment. As she picked it up and tucked it in her apron, she looked out into the darkness outside.

The alarm sounded at 7, but he was already awake. He lay there staring at the ceiling. 
He thought for some reason that today would be different. He thought he'd feel different. He felt nothing.